What’s next for this young journalist (cake fiend and gin lover)

I’ve got news. Most shocking statement from a journalist that.

A lot has changed. Actually everything has changed – whenever I bump into someone my news inevitably is well to be honest, nothing is the same.

I find myself meeting up with old friends uttering the words well nothing at all about me is the same. But I guess the most relevant and significant thing for readers on this site (who aren’t my mum) is how does this affect me job wise.

See I’m not a lifestyle blogger or an avid over-sharer so I won’t be divulging my personal life changes but the ones that directly affect YOU. You who might be future employers, you who might be my university peers or you who may have stumbled across me by accident.*

*Unlikely, because you know SEO.

I’ve got a job. Well a new job and a full-time one at that.

I’m heading out of the freelance world or rather I’ll be side-stepping it for a while. And yes I do mean a while, it’s an indefinite time period because who bloody knows what’s about to happen.

And yes that makes me shudder because I love facts and deadlines, obviously.

My first day is tomorrow and as much as journos/hacks/storytellers follow the one distinctive rule: to expect the unexpected.  I’m absolutely terrified, which to people who have known me for a number of years will not be shocked to hear.

They remember the stress marge moments, the all-nighters and the I’m totally FINE daft reassurances.  I don’t know who I ever thought I was kidding with those.

But landing your dream job (and yes I know that’s an overused phrase) but seriously, the thing you’ve had your eye on when you got your first notepad, the seemingly ‘impossible’ job. The position you would laugh at because the application was completed on a whim that wouldn’t come to anything.

This is the opening that I focussed on to forget my Dad’s cancer fight.

My point, anyway, is that I’ve landed myself this aged 22 not even a year after graduation and that’s freaking me out a little.

Because as much as they say being young, the world is at your feet etc I’ve found it to be the biggest hindrance for what I’ve wanted to achieve. And now I have it well, I’m overwhelmed and of course excited. But the fact remains I am still 22 and I’ve got one hell of a ride to go.

I’m ready for it but if anyone wants to grab my hand along the way I’m not saying I’ll let go of it.

That said and done, please continue to send me lovely emails about all sorts of things – preferably including coffee and spa breaks but I won’t be picky.


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