Am I Any Good?

“Megan was a great help to me during a location live in West Sussex during the Summer . The story was particularly upsetting for the local community and it was important that we reported it sensitively and accurately. I arrived late in the afternoon and had very little time to prepare but Megan was on hand with developments on the ground that I needed to get across. My other Meridian colleagues were either editing or news gathering so it was good to have someone who had been taking a keen interest in what the police and what other broadcasters were doing and saying. Megan was sure of her facts and listened to the report I was preparing carefully. She also worked closely with our satellite truck operator to make sure the best pictures were sent back to the studio to illustrate my  broadcast .

Megan is an impressive young journalist and I wish her luck as a fellow Reading girl.”

Sangeeta Bhabra
Presenter, ITV News Meridian


Megan worked for ITN on the ITV overnight election programme with Tom Bradby. She immediately became a key part of the team – the one we could always rely on to get things done – with a great eye for accuracy and the ever important detail that particularly matters on a programme like this.

Megan is very bright and very able – I look forward to working for her in the future!”

Emma Hoskyns
Head of Special Events, ITN


“Megan Fisher is a very capable, tenacious and hard working journalist who we were delighted to have with us at ITV News. Every day she came in with ideas, chased stories and was constantly pro-active in supporting the Newsdesk and helping the reporting team. She’s very strong on social media and web research and was meticulous in her approach to finding out the facts we needed to deliver original journalism on-air and online.”

Robin Britton 
Head of News, ITV News Meridian


“Megan’s manner, enthusiasm and approach to each story are at the forefront of professionalism. Regardless of subject matter, she tackles issues efficiently, but with the correct level of caution, always ensuring discretion when required. A kind and respectful colleague, she has the potential for going far in this industry and takes on new challenges with a very mature approach.”

Lauren Howard                                                                        
Senior Reporter, Daily Echo in Bournemouth (formerly of the Hampshire Chronicle and the Southern Daily Echo)


“I would not be the first to say that Megan is an absolute delight to not only work with, but also through reading/hearing her writing style. She is an enthused individual with a dedicated passion to reporting and will definitely end up exactly where she wants to be in a few years time. With a wide range of skills and knowledge of different broadcast platforms, Megan can lend her hand to a wide range of stories and subjects.  Reliable, resourceful and a valuable addition to any newsroom.”

Matt Spencer
Assistant News Editor / Web Producer, 5 News


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