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Kings Worthy hairdressers Topaz receive £1,180 grant to find feet after winter floods

I wrote this article for the Southern Daily Echo on flood grants to a local business, again it’s niche but the paper attracts a circulation of over 70,000. Supporting local businesses is pretty great too.

Megan Fisher Freelance Journalist

A FAMILY hair salon is cutting happy again after being hit by floods last winter.

Topaz, in Kings Worthy, lost many regular customers in February which saw parts of the village completely cut off.

But it has now been awarded a £1,180 business grant by civic chiefs to help turn the salon around.

Owner Catriona Honeychurch said: “The grant was for helping the business get back on its feet, and not to reimburse lost earnings.”

The money has been spent on new staff uniforms, decorating the shop and advertising.

Winchester City Council leader Rob Humby said: “I know that for many people, it has been a long and slow route back to normality after the adverse weather of last year, but I am really pleased that the Honeychurches have taken up the offer of support and put their grant to such good effect.”

Other successful applicants include PR firm Remarkable and Twyford Playgroup.


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