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Hampshire Chronicle INTERVIEW: Troy Hodgson

I scored this media exclusive from the busy patch that is Winchester, on a rainy day we sat down over coffee to discuss the new software that could potentially be revolutionising architecture.

Megan Fisher Freelance Journalist

A NEW design business has opened in Winchester, writes Megan Fisher.

Digital firm Darcstudio was launched by businessman Troy Hodgson in Little Minster Street and is his first company specialising in digital design for architecture, marketing and brands.

The creative director, who has previously worked with a number of high-profile practices in London, is now developing digital software creating architectural solutions with the use of virtual reality with the help of a number of freelancers based around the world.

It is being developed using hardware on loan from Oculus, a company owned by social media giant Facebook, which is in the process of designing the Oculus Rift – a special headset used for 3D gaming.

Now Mr Hodgson has taken the concept to create his own type of headset which allows his clients to watch movies in 360 degrees.

“They have given the headset to select companies and studios to develop games and movies of it, so it can be tested for them and also so they can add features and understand where to improve,” he said.

“We’re coding and developing our own software to make it work for architecture, so that practices can make 3D models in their programs, put on the headset and showcase them to clients.”

He and his team are currently coding the hardware to “bridge the gaming and architecture gap” and hope the new technology will be launched later this year (2015).

Mr Hodgson added: “These creative hubs mean that small businesses can keep up with the changing times.

“I think that what is really interesting is that with the recent advancement in technology, creatives all over the country and world are connecting and communicating – it’s no longer about being sat in an office together.

“Winchester is like a small London. It’s a short trip to the city and creative people gravitate towards that so we are surrounded by design studios that can operate with small businesses like mine.”


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