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WINOL: Flood grants are ‘stupid’ and ‘short-sighted’

I created this for Winchester News Online following the flash floods of 2014 that left Britons just a bit soggy. This is an update piece to see if the promise of government funding had come too late. Interviews with councillors, residents and a determined flood action group. Wellies at the ready!

Residents hit by the winter floods last year have been awarded a total of £98,000 in a new government grant scheme managed by Winchester City Council.

Around 26 properties in the village of Hambledon were damaged in the bad weather and could apply for a maximum of £5000 to repair their properties.

Hampshire County Council estimate £63 million to repair damage cause by the winter flooding in the county.

Hambledon Councillor Caroline Dibden said:”The Repair and Renewal Grant that was run by Winchester City Council on behalf of the government was really helpful for the people of Hambledon,” adding: “getting the grant was a really helpful step up in trying to protect their houses should it happen again.”

Chairman of The Hambledon Flood Action Group, Tony Higham said:”If your house got within a quarter inch of flooding then you don’t get a grant, if your house got water in it because it went a quarter inch over the floorboards then you do. We think thats rather stupid and very short-sighted.”

Further work begins in January in Hambledon due to secured funding from the Environment Agency.


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