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Winchester News Online: Farmers milked dry

I produced this for Winchester News Online, scooping national media on the milk price crisis that continues to blight both the farming industry and supermarkets. If you’re interested in having milk on your cornflakes, then I’d take a look. Here I am, an inner city girl, taking on a farm and cows all for journalism. Interviews from WINOL’s patch (VERY South London) and some udder-ly eye-opening stats.

Local dairy farmers are being hit by industry wide milk price cuts this month.

Muller Wiseman, Arla Foods, Dairy Crest and First Milk have all cut the price they pay farmers per litre this month.

Some dairies have made reductions over the last four consecutive months. Militant group Farmers For Action is calling for a standard price to be paid per litre by the dairy companies.

Hiltonbury Jerseys Dairy Farmer, Oliver Neagle said: “It’s a stressful time,” adding: “We need some security and guarantee of what we’re actually going to get paid.”

Milk Processor Dairy Crest said in a statement:”We are very disappointed to have to make this further price announcement to our farmers,” adding: “This is a challenging time for the dairy sector and all of us who work in it.”

Farmers are hoping the cuts are temporary and protests are planned nationally over the next few weeks.


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