10 Things Picking The Wrong Job Taught Me About EVERYTHING


  1. It taught me my limits. You’re human, not a machine. I’m not talking ‘they didn’t let me go for a pumpkin spiced latte with no foam and an extra shot’ type of limit. I mean ‘burning out on day two of your job’ kind of limit.
  2. Walking out of a job where your boss makes you feel the same as your controlling ex-boyfriend, will give you the GREATEST satisfaction.
  3. It channeled my career path and pinpointed what is really for me and what my goals are. It’s made me more focused than ever before.
  4. Being happy is what’s most important in life. It’s no fun waking up every morning dreading work or falling asleep every day miserable.
  5. I lost 3 pounds in one week from nervous energy and being stressed. NOT HEALTHY.
  6. Bonding over how awful a job is can blossom into BFFs.
  7. You cannot make friends on the morning commute though; every person looks like they either want to kill you or themselves.
  8. It’s not me, it’s definitely you. From day one, some jobs (and some people) just aren’t for you and that’s totally okay.
  9. Just because you’re starting at the bottom doesn’t mean you don’t deserve respect. Being treated like something you just trod in is unacceptable and looking back, absolutely hilarious.
  10. When one door closes, another one is sure to open. Don’t worry about it. I quit one job and the next week I had three meetings and offers.

What if the wrong job is actually the right job and taught you all you needed to know about jobs.


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